Siddhartha Chatterjee

At Dsquare Technologies, I did training in H R (Advanced Diploma in H R M). I found the syllabuses interesting, And they gave me a wonderful opportunity to open my mind and gain a lot of knowledge. Every time I come to the sessions, I got something more. I got more and more confidence. Currently I’m working with IBM as H R Executive handling (Compensation and benefits), Thanks to Dsquare Technologies for helping me in achieving my dream Job !

Gangajali ojha

I used to get loads of mails from Dsquare Technologies I used to ignore, later felt like calling them and enquiry about the training, I did speak to Deepak , He gave me the few information about Training, I was not that happy to travel down to Bangalore from Delhi, Still I didn’t had any other option as I was doing nothing for almost a year , wanted to try this training and some how managed and Joined at Dsquare Technologies

Trust me I was really happy with their service, they did help me a lot in-terms my stay, food, etc etc also about the classes , I was flattered for the training , Payroll was Awesome and other H R Topics made me go crazy . Today I’m working with a small time manufacturing company and happy for my profile, without Dsquare Technologies I don’t thinks so I would have handled H R job . Thank You Dsquare Technologies Team. You guys are really really good.

Harkamal Kaur

I am thrilled that I was able to complete the Training program while living in my rural hometown in Hisar. I made life long friends in the program, and was very impressed with the high levels of Interaction and the challenging course materials throughout the program.

Pavan Ganapati

Even before graduating, I was offered a great position as a Team Lead – H R with Procter & Gamble. Without a doubt, this training program not only provided me with the Qualifications but also with the knowledge to excel professionally and personally in such a demanding position

Somnath Basu

The program provided me with the flexibility to advance my education, while focusing on my family, and career. The education was relevant and challenging, and provided me with the tools to be successful throughout my career


My trip to Bangalore J was a great experience, I was worried about my career and also worried a lot to stay alone in Bangalore , Thank god . . hmmm thanks to Dsquare Technologies, they helped me a lot as soon I reached they guided me in very nice manner and training was great and it was perfect ,I got more than what I expected I’m an MBA Fresher was thinking this subjects are similar as what I studied in my MBA , But I was really happy to implement those stuff in the training it was complete practical orientated I had to present lots of PPT and other events during training was an excellent journey

Abhishek Dutta

Without Dsquare Technologies I would never have been offered my current position. This program gave me a great deal of flexibility. I liked the WORKSHOP which allowed me to change focus every two or three weeks at my present organization. It was very challenging and required a high level of commitment